Ready Credit

We understand that a healthy cash flow is critical to growing your business. Credit Corporation Finance has introduced a revolving line of credit option as a flexible solution for any working capital challenges you may face.

Revolving credit provides you with access to an agreed sum of money, known as the credit limit, for use when needed. However, unlike the traditional term loan, when you pay down an open balance on the revolving credit, that money is once again available for use.

Product example:

Customer X receives approval for a K50,000 revolving line of credit. Customer X can borrow a total of K50,000, but the money does not have to be borrowed at the same time. The K50,000 can be borrowed at once, or in different amounts depending on requirements, Customer X can repay or borrow again and again without reapplying.

Apply for finance


Minimum amount

No minimum amount


1 to 30 years


Interest only and then final repayment on expiry payment


Advised after initial assessment