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‘A very people-focused company’ Interview with Agnes Yokondo

We recently caught up with Agnes Yokondo, Senior Accountant at Credit Corporation and a graduate of our 2022 Accelerate Performance Program.

‘I used to try to do everything myself, but was always too busy. Now I’ve learned how to delegate effectively and I find I have much more time,’ explains Agnes Yokondo, who along with ten other high-achieving colleagues, recently completed our 2022 Accelerate Performance Program.

Agnes joined Credit Corporation six years ago after studying business and accounting at Pacific Adventist University.
The Accelerate Performance Program is a leadership course delivered through a series of workshops. According to Credit Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Danny Robinson (pictured above with Agnes and Board Director, Faye Zina-Lalo), who initiated it last year, the aim is: ‘to empower the company’s employees to achieve their full potential as leaders within their respective departments.’

The course took place over two months and included practical sessions which challenged participants:
‘For example, we had to practice coaching a team member, with everyone else watching.’ Agnes explains. ‘Actually, I was surprised how nervous we all were to start with.’

Besides learning about delegation, the program has also changed how she sees leadership: ‘I realised that being a leader is people-centred and that people strive and give their best when they know they are being appreciated and looked after.’

And the experience has certainly inspired her. ‘I definitely see myself in a leadership role in the future. Credit Corporation is a very people-focused company.’