Lease Finance

We understand that success in business means staying in control of your costs.

Our leasing finance option allows you to conserve cash for other areas of your business while you grow.

Product example:

Customer Y wants to buy a dump truck and enquires with Credit Corporation. We will advise the client of the eligibility criteria and documentation required to support the loan application. If customer Y  is eligible for the loan Credit Corporation will further discuss the term of loan, minimum deposit requirements, interest rates, loan application process, fees and charges, and the approximate monthly repayments. The interest rate depends on the make and model of vehicle and the term of loan depends on type of security offered and serviceability capacity. This includes purchasing motor vehicles, buses, heavy equipment for professional and business use. Conditions Apply.

*Note: Credit Corporation Finance Limited recommends that you seek professional, independent financial advice as to all taxation implications. Assets secured via lease finance remain with Credit Corporation Finance Limited until such time as the finance has been fully repaid at which time title is automatically transferred to you.

Apply for finance


    Minimum amount



    3 to 4 years


    Principal and interest and VAT


    Advised on assessment


    Comprehensive Insurance premiums can be incorporated into your lease finance contract.