Insurance Premium Funding

Why pay hefty upfront insurance fees when we can facilitate your premiums, help you improve your cash flow and keep your capital working for your business?

Insurance Premium Funding is our short term facility offered to assist individuals and entities to easily manage the cost of their annual insurance fee, by spreading their repayments over a short period of time.

We cover worker’s compensation, healthcare, commercial motors and industrial, etc.
Let us help you arrange your insurance premiums today with our providers.

Product example

Customer Y has a premium of K80,000 to pay but wants to retain as much working capital as possible.

The customer approaches Credit Corporation to fund the premium. We then provide the customer with a checklist of requirements, this would include signed agreements, premium statements, invoices, certificate of currency, etc.

Once all necessary documents have been signed and handed over to Credit Corporation, we will do quality checks before sending to off to the preferred broker and raising payments.

Customer Y has now retained a significant amount of working capital and eased cash flow.

Apply for finance


    Minimum amount



    10 months


    Principal only. Interest free