Ready Credit

We understand that to grow your business you need to look to the future and not constantly worry about the ebbs and flows of the cash cycle. Credit Corporation Finance has introduced a Revolving Line of Credit to provide solutions to working capital challenges.

A revolving line of credit is a particularly flexible financing tool. Typically the facility provides the borrower with a maximum aggregate amount of capital available over a specified period of time however, unlike the traditional term loan, the revolving loan facility allows the approved borrower to drawdown, repay and re-draw loans advanced to the level of the available capital during the term of the facility.

Minimum Amount:
Repayment: Monthly interest only repayments. To be fully repaid at/by maturity
Term: 30-Days to 12-months
Interest Rate: Variable interest rates apply. POA

Re-Draws are available and there are no ongoing service charges of account keeping fees.

Conditions apply