Business Loan

We have a long history of supporting small businesses and we understand you might need the backing of a sensible financial solution to help you reach your business goals, sooner.

Our business loans are typically used to fund major capital expenditures, or cover operational costs that may otherwise be out of reach.

Product example

Customer Y wants $60,000 to buy a restaurant business and enquires with Credit Corporation.

The customer advises what security (mortgage-free properties and vehicles) can be provided to cover the loan. If adequate security is available the customer is then asked for the latest financials of the restaurant (other sources of income to support repayment of this new loan etc).

Credit Corporation needs to analyse the financials and check eligibility and the maximum amount that can be financed. If the customer is eligible for the loan Credit Corporation will further discuss the term of loan and applicable rates.

Credit Corporation will advise customer Y of the loan application process, fees and charges and the approximate monthly repayments.

Apply for finance


    Minimum amount



    12 months
    to 10 years


    Interest only for an approved time frame followed by principal and interest over the approved term of the loan